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welcome to aca philanthropy and fundraising

What we do: We help charities, non-profits and NGOs develop as ‘Great Fundraising Organisations’, meaning an organisation which:

  • Achieves an increase in income which transforms its ability to enact its mission.

  • Sustains and builds upon this growth in income.

  • Derives its income from mission driven donors who gain meaning and satisfaction from their giving.

Who we are: We are a team of experienced consultants, fundraisers, creatives, academics and researchers with a track record of results, passion and scientific rigour.

Where we work: We were founded in the UK and have permanent offices in Scotland, England, Australia and the USA. We work worldwide, often directly and sometimes with local partner organisations.

How we work: Our service philosophy is capacity building. Ours is a partnership model and we aim to strengthen your organisation’s ability to raise more funds.


If you would like to know who our clients are, the results our clients have achieved, hear case studies from those who have succeeded, hear about our learnings from those who haven’t, see examples from our portfolio, learn more about our team, or ask any questions we would love to talk to you.

So, please - visit the contact page and arrange to speak to us. We’d love to speak to you, and share our research too.