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Align and Inspire Your Organisation

Align and Inspire Your Organisation

Align And Inspire Your Organisation

New Ambition

When conflict and complexity threatens to paralyse your organisation and its ability to communicate powerfully, The New Ambition seminar will help you find your way back to the simplicity that gets your organisation focused and energised. The New Ambition seminar brings together fundraising and non-fundraising functions and get everyone on the same page.

Board training

Most boards are made of up experts in business, finance, law, research, service delivery and beneficiaries – but precious few have professional fundraising expertise. We give your board the crucial tools, knowledge and confidence they need to make the right long-term decisions and lead the growth of your organisation’s income.

Senior Leadership Training

Bring together your top team to build everyone’s understanding of how they each can contribute to growing your organisation’s income. Our Senior Leadership training deals with the inherent conflicts between the professional cultures of programmes, finance and fundraising and creates a common understanding.

Culture Change and training programmes

When everyone understands and supports fundraising, your organisation’s results can be astonishing. But way too often, non-fundraisers are left in the dark and misunderstandings breed resistance. We help you develop your own organisation-wide fundraising culture trainings for your staff and volunteers.

Legacy training across your organisation

The holy grail of legacy fundraising is to do it so well that it inspires the whole organisation to get behind it and talk about legacy giving. With our training and coaching we can give your staff and volunteers the knowledge, tools and confidence to promote legacy giving in their everyday activities, and potentially raise you a significant amount of money in the process.

Storytelling workshops

What stories to tell and how? Fundraising storytelling is a specific skill that can be learned. Inspiring donors to give by telling the truth well is important for all fundraisers, but leadership and programme staff can benefit from this workshop as well.

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