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Build a Fundraising Brand

Build a Great Fundraising Brand

Build A Great Fundraising Brand

Branding and Fundraising Masterclass

There are lots of opinions about branding strategies – but for the first time, we now have academic research about what works and how you build and manage a great fundraising brand. This masterclass is where you get insights into how branding decisions affect your organisation’s fundraising. Critically, it also teaches how to approach your branding if you want to raise more money. Read more here.

Brand Audit

We can audit your brand in terms of its fundraising potential and advise you on the way forward, not only in terms of your logo and strap-line, but also in terms of all the behind-the-scenes dynamics that form a crucial part of any branding strategy. A professional brand audit can reassure you of what precisely needs to be done before embarking on an expensive re-brand or re-fresh.

Rebranding for Fundraising

Based on our unique insights about what works for fundraising, we work with you in intensive seminar formats, with a full creative team, to develop your new brand and create organisational alignment and buy-in at the same time. Outcomes can range from ‘just the core idea’ all the way through to complete guidelines and tool-kits, depending on your needs.

Internal brand training

We can help you create your own internal brand training programme: to create buy-in for a strong fundraising brand throughout your organisation and to ensure consistency of messaging.

For more information, please email Malene Fregil or call +44(0) 7881 285 514.