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Create Fundraising Communications

Create Great Fundraising Communications

Create Great Fundraising Communications

The New Ambition Seminar

When conflict and complexity threatens to paralyse your organisation and its ability to communicate powerfully, The New Ambition seminar will help you find your way back to the simplicity that gets your organisation focused and energised. The New Ambition seminar brings together fundraising and non-fundraising functions and gets everyone on the same page.

Co-creation seminars

Frustrated with endless rounds of amends going back and forth? Our co-creation seminars gives you the opportunity to work alongside a top-level creative team, fast-tracking your development of campaigns, products and individual communications. We can work on one appeal or on a full 12 month cycle of top-level concepts in one seminar, giving you the freedom to focus on delivery when you return.

Further creative development

After a co-creation seminar, you may want to do all the rest yourself, but if not, our creative teams are available to help you make your campaign happen.

Communication Audits

If you are looking to fine-tune your fundraising performance, our academics and senior fundraisers can critique communications against best practice and the learning from social psychology, giving you insights on how to improve the performance of your present communications.


What to test and how? Our research fellows can help you identify, develop and perform the test that will give you the most valuable insights into your donors and market.

Legacy Proposition and Communications Development

Focusing specifically on the sensitive but important area of legacy fundraising, we work with you to create compelling and distinctive message based on the latest academic insight into the motivations of legacy donors.


What stories to tell and how? Fundraising storytelling is a specific skill that can be learned. Inspiring donors to give by telling the truth well is important for all fundraisers, but leadership and programme staff can benefit from this workshop as well.

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