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Know Your Donors

Know Your Donors

Know Your Donors


Our unique ‘Know Your Donors’ identity survey gathers information on how donor’s describe themselves when they give to you. We’ve proven that by aligning your organisation’s description of your donors with your donors’ description of themselves, communications are hugely more effective at boosting donations/legacies and donor well-being.  As well as designing and analysing the survey, our consultants visit to train you and your teams in the results and how to harness them for your organisation.

Donor research and analytics

Our research fellows can run focus groups and surveys to research donor interests, behaviours and response to communications. We also use qualitative research to help you understand the life stories and values of donors to inform the development of effective strategies.

Creating your supporter journeys

Delivering a fast, appropriate and inspiring donor journey is key to helping donors enjoy their giving. By doing so, you maximise the value of your donor recruitment expenditure and create much stronger life-time value.

Surveys designed as retention and prioritisation mechanisms.

Our academics can help you create surveys that boosts retention and gather information that can be used for prioritisation by the level of commitment expressed. We can also work with you to explore the potential of capturing data for hyper-personalisation.

For more information, please email Malene Fregil or call +44(0) 7881 285 514.