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Learn About Fundraising

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Great Fundraising Masterclass

Great fundraising organisations behave differently. This masterclass is about fundraising leadership and getting your organisation ready to transform its fundraising. For most of our clients, this is where they start their journey. Our most successful fundraising clients attend the masterclass along with a powerful advocate from a non-fundraising department, or their CEO. Read more here.

Branding and Fundraising Masterclass

There are lots of opinions about branding strategies but historically little evidence. For the first time, we now have academic research about what works and how you build and manage a great fundraising brand. This masterclass is where you get insights into how branding decisions affect your organisation’s fundraising. Critically, it also teaches how to approach your branding if you want to raise more money. Read more here.

Board Training in Fundraising

Most boards are made of up experts in business, finance, law, research, service delivery and beneficiaries – but precious few have professional fundraising expertise. We give your board the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to make the right long-term decisions and lead the growth of your organisation’s income.

Great Legacy Fundraising MASTERCLASS

This masterclass is for leaders and senior fundraisers looking to prepare your organisation for significant growth in legacy giving income. Based on the academic review of legacy research, the Great Legacy Fundraising Masterclass gives you insight into donor decisions about leaving a gift in their will and helps you develop a legacy strategy based on best practice and latest knowledge.

Emotional Fundraising Masterclass

Organisations that meet their donors’ emotional needs raise more money. This masterclass is about how the whole of the organisation is involved in meeting the needs of your donors. For fundraisers as well as non-fundraising staff, The Emotional Fundraising Masterclass builds a shared understanding about why we need to communicate simply and powerfully - and how to do it.

Manage your online learning

For larger and multi-location organisations, online training can form an important part of making your organisation ‘fundraisable.’  We can help you build and deliver an online or blended-learning training programme for your staff, based on best practice and the latest research insights.

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