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Professor Adrian Sargeant - Director of research

Professor Sargeant is our director of research, knowledge and teaching. He is also co-director and Professor at the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy in the UK. Adrian was formerly the first Hartsook Chair in Fundraising at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at Indiana University and a Visiting Professor at the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies at Queensland University of Technology.

Based between Plymouth, England and Kansas City, USA, Adrian frequently travels worldwide to provide educational seminars and lectures for clients and institutions. Areas of expertise include philanthropic psychology, how to double fundraising income through meeting donor needs, board and leadership development, brand development and professional development of fundraising teams.

Adrian can provide you with full scale fundraising audits and strategic consultancy services. He is also your top-level scientist, designing and overseeing research projects including those designed to provide deep insight into your donors’ motivations as well as live experiments to test and optimise your fundraising communications.



Alan chairs our board and is also chairman of the Inch, Loch Ness and Robejohn Pty in Melbourne, Australia. Alan has 25 years of experience as a speaker and seminar leader, creative director and consultant in fundraising. After a career working in-house at national charities and ten years running his London based agency, Alan has spent the last decade developing our global programme in ‘Great Fundraising Organisations.’ He has worked with over 350 clients in more than 30 countries.

Much of Alan’s work is based on the proven method of co-creation - providing you developmental and creative seminars to help you build your fundraising capacity. His specialisms are organisational alignment, creativity, board and executive team development, strategy, donor insight and inspiration.

Simply put, Alan delivers you the organisational focus and energy needed to initiate transformational fundraising growth.

Alan also supports and invests in businesses that supply the fundraising sector and grow giving around the world.


Morag fleming - HEAD OF UK SECTION

Morag was Head of Fundraising at Quarriers for 11 years. During her tenure she led individual giving as effectively a start-up, developing revenue from £34,000 to £1,100,000 annually. Following a spell in an agency, Morag is now in her fourth year as a professional fundraising consultant with ACAPF. She is Glasgow based but works nationally and sometimes internationally.

Morag’s expertise is in implementation and support; her services span from helping organisations identify and focus on their new ambition, to assisting with the launch of new launches and campaigns and developing strategies and budgets.

Morag also offers ‘no compromise’ coaching and consulting and provides seminars and training in supporter journeys and other techniques that enhance donor well-being and life-time value. Finally, Morag also provides that always essential ingredient of fundraising success - board training.


Tina Hudgins – Director

Tina has more than 20 years of experience in the sector leading multi-channel campaigns in marketing and development. She is a seasoned speaker having spent time in 68 countries, and is passionate about creating top-quality regular giving/sustainer programmes and supporter experiences. She seeks to create those ‘WOW’ moments, and is committed to helping clients to achieve these moments as well.

Tina’s particular expertise lies in helping organisations to drive massive growth. In her latest role as the Director of Fundraising at International Justice Mission (IJM) the supporter sustainer programme grew by more than 250% in four years, and also the mid-value and mass giving programmes grew by more than 200% at the same time. Before this she held a similar post at ADRA. Tina is skilled and practiced in diverse development methods and techniques – be it direct marketing,  mid-value and major giving, capital campaigns, events, social media, or digital – so she can support your team with a plethora of approaches to achieve growth.

Based in Washington DC, USA, Tina will be growing our Great Fundraising initiative in this market as well as overseeing the future international expansion of the organisation. If you are based in the USA, or further afield, then speak to Tina about how we can help you to become a great fundraising organisation.



Dave was creative director at his own Bristol based shop for 17 years, working with dozens of large and small charities, NGOs and non-profits. He is now our creative director and still works hands-on with clients as well as overseeing our creative output worldwide.

Instead of listing all the results and awards here, we would like to focus on Dave’s unique skill - his ability to sit in seminar with clients and develop fundraising concepts with you. This helps you cut through endless arguments, statements of opinion and sets of amends. If you would like to bring colleagues, fundraising and non-fundraising alike, with you as you develop powerful, focussed communications then Dave can help you do this.

Of course, Dave’s team can also support with flawless execution across all media.


Sonya Burke - consultant

Sonya has a unique set of skills, having developed fundraising entry and growth programmes for 30 operations around the world for Save the Children, Amnesty international and MSF, as well as for other national organisations. Cross-cultural acceleration requires expertise in strategy, investment and organisational readiness which goes well beyond the fundraising department.

So, wherever you are, if new market entry or rapid acceleration is your aim, then Sonya is the strategist and capacity builder you need.

Sonya brings a skilled approach to co-creating fundraising strategies with you and can work with your teams to support them in the execution of these strategies.

She is particularly adept in being able to help your organisation to prepare to accelerate growth and ensure you are in the best shape possible to optimise risk and return. Her abundance of expertise is as relevant to UK-based organisations as it is to organisations in emerging markets worldwide.


annemarie devlin - consultant

Annemarie has been a professional fundraising leader for 21 years, most recently spending nine years as head of fundraising at Sense Scotland, raising £30 million.

She is a builder of fundraising teams and can support you with creating your fundraising strategy and the teams to deliver it - including, if neccessary, in-house face to face teams, capital appeal and major appeal teams. She can also help you get your fundraising teams working creatively with services teams to ensure the very best is available for your donors.

Part of team development involves cross organisation understanding and buy-in to honest, direct, impactful and story driven communications. Annemarie can roll her sleeves up and work through these with you, ensuring not only more income but also increased donor-centricity and organisational excitement.

Annemarie is also a member of the Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel and an observer on the Fundraising Regulator Standards Panel so can offer our clients vital compliance expertise.


David Conway - CONSULTANT

David is a multi-channel individual giving expert. He has a rich heritage of results from 15 years with organisations such as Christian Aid, Fight for Sight, Action Aid and CARE International.

Adding detailed knowledge of digital, SMS and direct TV to more traditional media, David uses rigorous financial planning and detailed testing to big picture strategy to transform results and life-time value quickly. He is also adept at uplifting outdoor environments and multi-stage donor acquisition. His digital prowess in particular has seen fantastic client results, swelling email databases by a factor of ten in some cases, and improving retention rates by 80% while recruiting digital donors at scale.

If you wish to grow your database through cost effective acquisition and increase long-term income through database management and supporter care, David is the consultant for you. Ask him about cost-efficient creative using your existing resources, too!



Ashley is our Legacy Giving Specialist. He has over a decade of experience working as a legacy fundraiser and runs his own legacy administration business, Legacy Link, alongside Legacy Voice, a part ACA Philanthropy and Fundraising.

Ashley concentrates on reviewing your legacy giving strategies; looking at the history of the organisation, considering your external environment, internal culture, and then identifying barriers to growing legacy giving. Once these barriers have been recognised, Ashley works with you to review marketing communications, developing new training programmes, and making key recommendations to grow legacy income.

Ashley has worked with organisations with existing programmes in place, as well as guiding organisations who are just getting started on their journey to creating a strong and successful legacy programme. He can help you to cultivate a rich attitude and awareness around the legacy conversation and actualise whole-organisation legacy readiness.


adrian lorentsson - CREATIVE CONSULTANT

Adrian is a former Director of Communications for the Norwegian Association for Youth Mental Health, where for 12 years he played a crucial role in building the organisation from scratch. He is a dual citizen of Norway and the UK.

He is responsible for providing bespoke co-creation seminars for clients. These creative seminars are designed to get your organisation in one room, cut through inter-departmental misunderstandings, unite people in the emotional space and ultimately identify the most powerful idea which will inspire internally as well as drive fundraising growth.

This process is not easy, but Adrian is experienced in perseverance and objection handling, ultimately helping clients to crystallise the top-level concepts and creative briefs that will help you to overcome internal blocks, and ultimately to build an outstanding fundraising culture. 

Adrian is also an award-winning public speaker.


DR. Kathryn carpenter - senior research fellow

Kathryn is a fundraising scientist. She gained her PhD in Psychology from The University of Exeter in 2017. Kathryn now applies psychological theory and experimental design to research in the non-profit sector and uses the latest tried and tested analysis techniques; such as structural equation modelling, regression techniques, and process modelling to analyse data for clients as well as academic and industry reports.

What does this mean for you? One of the fundamental traits of a great fundraising organisation is ‘donor-centred thinking.’ This is what Kathryn helps you do.

Knowledge comes from data, so Kathryn gains insight from you from a wide range of services, including:

  • Bespoke client surveys to predict donor satisfaction, identity, well-being and their relationship with your organisation.

  • High-level statistical analysis of historical donor databases and experimental and survey data.

  • Using analysis and external sources to predict and drive future donor behaviour and income.


Harriet Day - Research fellow

Harriet gained a Law degree from the University of Exeter and since joining the sector has worked at the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy and The Philanthropy Centre. She is passionate about helping nonprofits achieve sustainable growth and has published several reports in the domain of philanthropy and fundraising. In her spare time, she is undertaking a part-time PhD on the topic of fundraising. 

Harriet offers training sessions to clients on our big piece of latest research, the Branding and Fundraising Masterclass. This research answers the question of whether brands are a help or a hindrance for nonprofits and how they work together to drive income growth. The training provided by Harriet combines rigorous academic research and case studies so clients can understand and be able to implement our insights and recommendations. The aim is to get clients to a place where, ultimately, they can make a great fundraising brand work harder for them and drive huge fundraising growth as a result. 

Harriet also manages bespoke research projects to meet specific client needs.  



Richard (fondly named “Haggis” by some) has been a fundraiser for 30 years and has worked for several large charities such as Oxfam, as Director of Fundraising for FARM-Africa, Director of Fundraising for ActionAid UK, and most recently as Chief Fundraiser at SolarAid. Richard was awarded the Institute of Fundraising’s Fundraiser of the Year Award in 2000 and is also a trustee of SOFII.   

Richard describes himself as a ‘fundraising catalyst’. His strengths lie in being able to help charities apply thinking and reach outcomes. So, it is only natural that Richard would have joined ACA to help deliver the New Ambition seminars and Great Fundraising mini-masterclasses.

Richard understands the importance of helping clients to build the right culture to allow their ambition and their fundraising income to flourish.



Sian Norris is a copywriter, journalist and writer. For over a decade she has conceptualised and written award-winning campaigns for clients including Macmillan Cancer Support, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, UNHCR, WaterAid, Christian Aid, Repeal the 8th and many more.

Sian is dedicated to creating campaigns that tell stories which get great results, and challenging charities to think more about how they can use storytelling to engage with and inspire their donors. She is also, quite simply, extremely fast.

When not doing fundraising copy, Sian is a regular contributor to the New Statesman, Prospect UK, openDemocracy 50:50, News Mavens, and the Guardian. Sian is the founder of the Bristol Women's Literature Festival, which has been running since 2013. Her short fiction has been published at 3am magazine, Severine Literature Magazine, Visual Verse and the Wales Arts Review. She is currently working on a novel, and is the Ben Pimlott writer in residence at Birkbeck University of London.  


malene FRegil - seminar management

Malene has an academic and practical background in seminar design. She practiced this art and science on both Denmark and Norway, in the voluntary sector, before moving to Scotland in 2014. Her work on volunteer management has been published in multiple languages.

Malene is in charge of our seminar programme and drives both attendance and content at our residential series at the Inch, Loch Ness, each year.

Please speak to Malene to book your place and to find out about new seminars currently under development.


john Murdoch

John is our Finance and ICT director. This is the face behind the emails. Please contact John with any relevant queries.