ACA Philanthropy and Fundraising

Plan and Execute Fundraising Growth

Plan and Execute Fundraising Growth

Plan And Execute Fundraising Growth

Strategy reviews

For organisations with established fundraising or legacy giving programmes who are looking to make a step change. We provide a full review of internal and external market context and provide strategic recommendations for growth.

Strategy Development

For organisations new to fundraising or legacy giving who are looking for a long-term, sustainable income stream. We work with you to set your ambition, identify your target audience, develop your proposition, set objectives and determine how to measure and evaluate your success.

Campaign development

Getting the myriad of details right is essential to putting strategy into action. Our experienced consultants can help you develop and deliver your fundraising and legacy strategies. We always aim to help you build your capacity, so will develop these with you, not hidden away on our own.

Forecasting and budgeting

Helping you to make sense of your income streams, we can offer short, medium and long-term forecasting, including forecasting for the sometimes volatile income from legacies. Depending on your stage of internal development, we may be able to help you create your own bespoke modelling tools.

No-compromise coaching and consulting

Great fundraising growth is hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Work with our senior consultants to keep yourself on track.

For more information, please email Malene Fregil or call +44(0) 7881 285 514.